perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2011

Graspop Metal Meeting; SlipKnoT, mainstage, 26.6.2011, Dessel, Belgium

If I said that it was hard to describe Rob Zombie's gig, then this SlipKnoT's gig is harder to describe like 666 times!
It was amazing, wonderful, awesome, so emotional, great ... aaah I don't have enough words in any language!
I. Just. Love. This. Band.

R.I.P. Paul ... we will always remember you.

Check out the websites;

Graspop Metal Meeting; Rob Zombie, mainstage, 26.6.2011, Dessel, Belgium

One of the top highlights in my life. EVER. Pure awesomeness!!!
And I'm very happy about these shots, I like them :)


The Zombiemaster himself - Rob motherfuckin' Zombie!

JOHN 5 !!! And in the drums were Ginger Fish!!!

One of the best shots what I took in 2011 for sure!

... and here's another favorite :P

Do I even need to say that I LOVED the show and it was more than any word can describe?!

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perjantai 4. marraskuuta 2011

The Eight Plague Tour - I'm in!

Remember when I told that Machine Head's tour with Bring Me The Horizon, Devil Driver and Darkest Hour will come to Finland too?
Well, guess who bastard won a FREE-ticket to there?! Yes, MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! <666

Can't fucking wait! Who's coming up or have you seen them in some other country by this tour? 8)

torstai 6. lokakuuta 2011

"Wild XMAS 2011"-tour in Finland by Children Of Bodom - in december!

Children Of Bodom päättää ilahduttaa suomalaisia faneja kiertueella joulun välipäivinä!
Mukana menossa Medeia.

Children Of Bodom @ Club Teatria, Oulu, Finland, 19.3.2011.
Ti 27.12.2011 Helsinki, Circus
Liput: 35€ / 37€, Tiketti & Lippupalvelu, K-18

Ke 28.12.2011 Tampere, Pakkahuone
Liput: 35€ / 37€, Tiketti & Lippupalvelu, S/K-18

To 29.12.2011 Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo
Liput: 30€ / 28€, Tiketti & Lippupalvelu, S/K-18

La 31.12.2011 Oulu, Club Teatria
Liput: 33€ / 40€, Lippupalvelu, S/K-18

Lipunhintoihin lisätään mahdolliset toimituskulut.

K-18 KEIKKA. Mahtavuutta !!!!!! Simba is very happy!
Ja minä kun luulin että syksy/talvi tulee olemaan tylsä ... eipä taida ollakkaan!
Children Of Bodom is having a tour in Finland after Xmas. "Wild XMAS 2011"-tour includes 4 gigs in 4 different town, 27.12.-29.12. and 31.12.
Support band is Medeia.
Can't wait the first gig which is in Helsinki 'cause is allowed ONLY over 18 years old people. Fucking awesome! :P

maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2011

Graspop Metal Meeting ; Avenged Sevenfold, mainstage, 26.6.2011, Dessel, Belgium

My first time when I saw them live. I had some suspicions about them but they totally surprised me!
I didn't like them so much, cause it feels like they're some kind of 'trend'-band or something ... thank God they proof to me that I was wrong!
Awesome, awesome! :)

There were also very emotional moments, when they talked about/remembered they're ex-drummer, James ''The Rev'' Sullivan, who died in 2009 :/

Check out the websites ;

tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2011

Hardcore Superstar is touring in Finland, once again in 2011!

Yes, it's official now!!!

Photo by me, from Kotkan Meripäivät 29.7.2011.

Hardcore Superstar will make a long tour in november/december with Avatar and Ammotrack!

Shows in Finland ;
13.12 Helsinki, Tavastia (FI)
15.12 Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo (FI)
16.12 Tampere, Pakkahuone (FI)
17.12 Åbo, Klubi (FI)

I'm gonna do every single gig of these Finland's shows, don't know yet about the other shows ... See ya there! :P