maanantai 21. maaliskuuta 2011

Children Of Bodom - The Ugly World Tour 2011 - Finland


2/3 gigs done, one more left! Having extra-fun times and the gigs have been AMAZING !!!
In setlist are almost half of the songs new ones but there's older, favorites one too ... ;)

Go to see Children Of Bodom if you have a chance - I promise it's worth it!

p.s. After tomorrow Helsinki gig, there's official afterparty @ Bar Bäkkäri !!!

perjantai 11. maaliskuuta 2011

Bullet For My Valentine, 14.11.2010, Helsingin Jäähalli/Helsinki Icehall, Helsinki

In november I had aday, which I waited so many months!
I bought the ticket for Bullet For My Valentine-gig at the same day, when they came out on sale.

We went to wait this gig on saturday night, about few hours before midnight. (So, we wait them about 24 hours).
We made our camp and start to eat (:D) and sleep. During we slept, there came some girls. Also some dude wanna check are we alive, and when we were, he give to us Matt's plectrum ... interesting!

Waiting went quite slowly. I hate and love it. There weren't much people, most of them came hour before the doors opened.
We were lucky this time! I was the first one who got inside from the door, first one who got inside of the doors to standing area and first one who got a place in front row! And when my friend came to next to me, we were really happy and all what we can said was " fuck yeah !!! ".
Our spot on the front row were in the middle, just there where Matt play and sing ;)

There were two things which sucked. Actually three.
1. Escape The Fate cancelled their show ...
2. ... so finnish The Man-Eating Tree came to their place. And they were wrong band to support BFMV, that's just the sad true, we should get some other kind of band, but ... shit happens.
3. BFMV played too short show :P (Okay, they had almost two encore ... but still!)

But let's return to the show!
I saw them last time in Provinssi, last summer. This time I was so surprised, because they played Say Goodnight !!! I knew, that they have played that but I never could imagine that they can played it in here ... I was so happy!
I have quite much photos of Matt, 'cause he was front of us ... I don't have any good photo of Moose (the drummer) :( And it was also really hard to get any good photos of Jay, he moves so much ... :P

Matt Tuck, vocals and guitar

Padge, guitar and backing vocals

Matt couldn't get off his eyes from us ;)

Jay, bass and backing vocals

Setlist (Songs are not in order. At least these ones, can be more, I didn't get setlist.) ;

Tears Don't Fall (The Poison)

All These Things I Hate (The Poison)
Hand Of Blood (The Poison)
Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What I Can Do) (The Poison)
Scream Aim Fire (Scream Aim Fire)
Eye Of The Storm (Scream Aim Fire)
Waking The Demon (Scream Aim Fire)
Say Goodnight (Scream Aim Fire) !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fever (Fever)
Your Betrayal (Fever)
The Last Fight (Fever)
About the songs ; They played quite many of my favourites! And new songs sounded much better at live than from record :P I also liked that they pleayed much of older songs.
I would love to hear some day at live The End (The Poison), it's one of the most beautiful hard rock/metal ballads what I know/have ever heard. It's awesome!
Also Road To No Where (Scream Aim Fire), Disappear (Scream Aim Fire) and No Easy Way Out (Scream Aim Fire) would be great to hear at live ...
One of the greatest photo's what I have ever taken from Matt. At least that's my opinion :)
Emo-Matt! How cute.

There's Moose! feat. Matt!

Well, I don't have any words to say how happy I was at this. I just love them, their music and everything ! So much. Amen.

" Can I die with you so that we could never grow old? "

Check out the websites ;

maanantai 7. maaliskuuta 2011

Children Of Bodom - Relentless Reckless Forever * record release party 8.3.2011 ! *

Tomorrow it's a big day for all crazy Children Of Bodom-fans!

And we have a special night here, in Helsinki!
We have a album release party tomorrow evening/night (8.3.2011, tuesday) at Bar Bäkkäri (Green Room)!

Here's the venue for the evening/night ;

Evening starts with Children Of Bodom gig DVD from Stockholm (BIG SCREEN STUFF!!!) and 00.00 RELENTLESS, RECKLESS, FOREVER WORLD PREMIERE! IT IS GOING TO BE HUGE CHILDREN OF BODOM DAY! REMEMBER THE DAY! 8.3.2011 BAR BÄKKÄRI [GREEN ROOM] BAR BÄKKÄRI open already basic 6pm BUT GREEN ROOM open the doors 10pm AND BIG RELEASE 00.00!!! JAUJAU!!! "
(Text by Bar Backstage @ Facebook)

Here's the adress of the bar ;
Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21, 00100
Helsinki, Finland

Here's the event-link in Facebook ; COB *record release party * !

See you tomorrow at Bar Bäkkäri/Green Room! ;)

p.s. Here's the new video from Children Of Bodom! Song is called by "Was it worth it?"! Check it out!

lauantai 5. maaliskuuta 2011

Ruisrock 2011 !

Ensimmäiset esiintyjät Ruisrockiin tälle vuodelle on julkaistu.
Itse vannoin vuonna 2009 että sinne en mene enää uudestaan, mutta kai se on pakko ... koska lemppari-bändini Bullet For My Valentine tulee jälleen sinne!

Bullet For My Valentine, 14.11.2010, Helsingin Jäähalli / Helsinki Icehall

Sekä mm. seuraavat ulkomaiset (other bands) bändit (minua kiinnostavat jälleen pinkillä värillä/all bands which I'm intressed are in pink colour) ;

The Prodigy (UK)
The National (USA)
Fleet Foxes (USA)
Hurts (UK)
Primus (USA)
Robyn (SWE)
Anna Calvi (UK)
Bring Me The Horizon (UK) !!!
Carpark North (DEN)
Nekromantix (USA)

ja suomalaisia (finnish bands) mm. ;

Jenni Vartiainen
Von Hertzen Brothers

Täydennyksiä luvassa pitkin kevättä!

Lippuja voi ostaa mm. Ruisrockin omasta verkkokaupasta ( -> verkkokauppa ) sekä Tiketistä ( ).

Here are the first bands for finnish Ruisrock-festival for summer 2011 !!!
I'm excited exspecially about Bullet For My Valentine and Bring Me The Horizon!

There's coming more bands during the spring.

You can buy tickets from Ruisrock's own webshop ( -> webshop. You can turn the page in english from the up, right side!) or from Tiketti ( . You can also turn this page in english!).

Vanity Ink + New Generation Superstars * tour in Finland 2010 * / pt. 3., 30.10.2010, Pub Norris, Karjaa

... And tha last gig was in Karjaa! In the middle of fucking nowhere, really :D

Of course there were really nice and crazy drive, more than we excepted, but it was also so sad - awesome three days, and everything goodness end so soon :(

Thank God there's no long time anymore, that I can see them (both bands, I hope so ;> ) soon, can't wait for Trash Fest!

I have photos only for NGS, again, I partied too much during the Vanity Ink gig, and the camera just stayed at my bag - and maybe it was a good thing.
Lots of hugs and kisses for these awesome dudes and chicks - I fucking love you!

Davey lick it up ;D

Check out the websites ;

p.s. You can see New Generation Superstars in Finland next time at Trash Fest, which begin this year already on 30th (of may) and ends 2nd (of april) !!! Moor info about Trash Fest coming soon! ;)

You can see the Vanity Ink touring dates from their website :)

Vanity Ink + New Generation Superstars * tour in Finland 2010 * / pt. 2., 29.10.2010, House Of Rock, Kouvola

From Helsinki we continued our way to Kouvola.
Thank God Mirva knew a nice chick (thanks Kati! Kisses!) from Kouvola, so we got a place to sleep and hang around before the gig. Don't know how good idea it was 'cause we were pretty wasted ... I still took some photos on the gig, and here are the best ones of them!

Kouvola rocked and there were a goood rock'n'roll party all night long!

New Generation Superstars ;

Aaron ...

... Dazzle ...

... Davey ...

... and Chris!

Vanity Ink ;

Lovely Annabella ...

... Jussi ...

... Miki ...

... and Juha!
(Sad but true, I don't have any photo of Sam (drummer) :/ )


Check out the websites ;

torstai 3. maaliskuuta 2011

Vanity Ink + New Generation Superstars * tour in Finland 2010 * / pt. 1., 28.10.2010, Semifinal, Helsinki

One of my favorite bands have a tour in Finland last year, in october.
So ; finnish rock'n'roll band Vanity Ink were the headliner for the tour, and with they played british New Generation Superstars!
Three towns, Helsinki, Kouvola and Karjaa! (Don't have any fucking idea why there were Karjaa ... it's in the middle of nowhere ... )

Anyways, I and my friends went to every three gig and it was one of the best weekends in my life at 2010 (even my wallet didn't like it at all ...)!
We love both bands, their music and the musicians - great, great people!
We have a great time with you guys and girls! You should do this kind of tour again ... ;D

I'm sorry for that I have only two photos from the Semifinal-gig, I focused more to party and enjoy the rock'n'roll (and I was quite drunk ... lol) !
And these photo's are only from New Genration Superstars.

Aaron, guitar and vocals

Chris, drums
Check out the websites ;