maanantai 23. marraskuuta 2015

Gigs of the Week !

This week we're having only one gig. Final gigs from this year going on, only four more to go!
In case nothing weird happen and I find myself from some random gig ... But at the moment it look like that there's no interesting gigs after these.

Anyway! On friday 27.11. it's Bandit's 40th B-Day Party in On the Rocks, Helsinki!
Bands are : Vanity Ink (who do special reunion for this gig!), New Generation Superstars and Manzana.

Doors open 9pm / 21:00
Manzana 9.45pm / 21:45
New Generation Superstars 10.45pm / 22:45
Vanity Ink 11.45pm / 23:45
Rockdisco DJ 0.45pm / 00:45

Tickets 7€ from the door, 6,50€ from Tiketti !

You don't want to miss this!

lauantai 14. marraskuuta 2015

No more SISTER SIN !

With a heavy heart I write this : Sister Sin doesn't exist anymore.

For me Sister Sin have been for years one of my fave bands, one of my fave Swedish bands and definitely one of the best female fronted metal bands in the world. Their shows have always been full of energy and full of positive rock'n'roll vibes. Now, suddenly, it's all gone.
I'm really sad.

You can read the official statement about this from their Facebook-page, which they released at last weekend.
I still haven't understand this which why I can't write anything what would make some sense heh.

A bit annoyed that there won't even be any kind of farewell gig or anything!!

keskiviikko 11. marraskuuta 2015

Gigs of the week!

This week I will have two gigs to go!

Bullet For My Valentine, march 2014, Circus Helsinki FIN.

First one is on thursday, when Bullet For My Valentine will play in Helsinki Icehall's Black Box. Last time when I saw BFMV it was back in time in 2014 ... if I remember right heh. Gig was in Circus which I don't like as a concert place at all. There's just something which make it so annoying.
I went there after the doors open and I still got in the front row. Most of the people, at least front of stage, were really young and I felt myself like a granny lol.
This time they will play in a bigger place. Even it's in Icehall there will be only standing places as everyone will be at the standing area, no seat places at all.
I would like to go to the front but I don't want to wait outside the whole day lol. I don't know yet what I'm gonna do!

On saturday there are two good gigs coming up when Entwine will play in House of Rock at Kouvola and Amoral in On the Rocks at Helsinki.
I have no idea which one to choose as both are my favorites! Damn bands ... why there are never good gigs around in a while and when there are KABOOM they are at the same day.